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  • Professional Geese Clearing Services

    Geese Chasers™, LLC, the professional geese clearing service that respectfully eliminates bothersome Canada Goose on open spaces with the fastest, most effective, reliable and humane method possible — highly trained Border Collies.
  • The Geese Chasers™ Solution

    We've maintained zero goose population for our clients for over 10 years. Only the use of our highly trained Border Collies delivers a natural and long-lasting solution. We're "Your Solution to Goose Pollution."
  • Natural and Effective

    Only Border Collies and their highly trained handlers provide an effective, natural and long-lasting solution that will control your Canada Goose problem year-round.   Amazingly, the Border Collie will never come into contact with Canada Goose; bringing no harm to them, to children or to anyone present.
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Geese Chasers™: Professional Geese Clearing Services

Affordable. Humane. Effective.
You are experiencing problems with Canada Geese: unsightly, bothersome, foul.

Finally, there's a professional service you can call, Geese Chasers™, LLC. If you live in the North Carolina Research Triangle area, chances are you've seen us on the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Fox News, ABC News, CBS News, and NBC News. That’s because Geese Chasers humanely eliminates bothersome Canada Geese populations with the quickest and most proven method possible with the use of highly trained Border Collies and their handlers.

These intelligent, friendly, and amazing working dogs are especially bred and trained to "herd" or "harass" without harm.

Geese Chasers™ is the #1 name in Goose control throughout North America with a history of tremendous success for its commercial, residential, corporate, municipal, city, and state clients. and looks forward to putting its expertise to work for you.

Now serving Durham, Harnett, Orange,  Wake, and Johnston counties, we have your effective solution to goose pollution. Contact us for a complimentary evaluation. It's the last call you''ll ever have to make about your Canada Goose problem.

Areas Served

Now clearing geese in these counties:

  • Durham
  • Harnett
  • Orange
  • Wake
  • Johnston

Our Hardest Workers!

Say "hi" to two of our favorite "Geese Chasers," Dizzy and Mickey.

Meet Dizzy and Mickey

Chasing on Land

Geese Chasers™ of Central North Carolina on land

Chasing in Water

Geese Chasers™ of Central North Carolina in water